Holiday Baskets

We provide holiday food baskets to hundreds of Blaine County families in need, including items of warm clothing, toys, books and toothbrushes to their children. Together, with the support of local businesses, donations, volunteers, adoptions, and the Sun Valley Board of Realtors, we make a difference at this special time of year.

  • Holiday Baskets is organized and supported by Sun Valley REALTORS Give
  • Our mission is to provide warm clothing and food to Blaine County families in need during the holidays.
  • Each qualified family is provided with a food basket that includes all the fixings for a holiday meal.
  • Donations also provide children under 18 with gifts of warm clothing, toys, books, and toothbrushes.
  • All donations gratefully accepted at any time during the year.

Your donation is used immediately to help Blaine County families in need.

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2018 Holiday Basket Program

Holiday Meals Provided


Children Received Gifts

One Christmas, many years ago when I was a single mother of three barely making ends meet, I had no money to buy Christmas presents for my kids, let alone food for a holiday meal. With no way out, I was crushed that my kids would be left out of enjoying Christmas. Little did I know, an angel added my family’s name to the list of Holiday Basket recipients and that year we were blessed with food for a good meal and lots of toys for each of my kids.

Help alleviate some of the financial stress Blaine County families may face so that they have the chance to truly enjoy Christmas.

-Diane Walker, former Holiday Baskets recipient