In 2016 we provided holiday food baskets to hundreds of families and items of need, along with a toy, to children who live in Blaine County. Together, with the support of local businesses,donations, volunteers, adoptions, and the Sun Valley Board of Realtors, we make a difference at this special time of year.

Your donation is used immediately to help Blaine County families in need.

Please join us in 2018 and make a difference in your community

About the Holiday Basket Program



  • Holiday Baskets is organized and supported by the Sun Valley Board of Realtors Community Foundation
  • Our mission is to provide warm clothing and food to Blaine County families in need during the holidays.
  • Each qualified family is provided with a food basket that includes all the fixings for a holiday meal.
  • Donations also provide children under 18 with gifts of warm clothing, toys, books and toothbrushes.
  • All donations gratefully accepted at anytime during the year.

Company Sponsors, Donors, Families, and Individuals who donated:





Jan Armstrong
Judy and Don Atkinson
Marsha Azorsky
Maureen Baker
Michael Beck
Jim Bishop
Alvin Bolt
Boswell Family Foundation
Stephanie Bourgette
Beth Ann Citron
Collins Family
Sherry Daech
Mary Ann Davidson
Mary and Steve Deffe
Linda Edwards
Engel and Associates
Susan and Ronal Engelmann
Jeanne and Dale Ewersen
Jill Farr
Patt Felton
Nathan Fierman
James Figge
Diana and John Flood
Karyn Forsyth
Ellen Frieder
William and Gay Fruehling
Patty and Roger Fry
Fulton Associates
Robert and Katherine Gardner
Kamion and Randi Garner
Ann Gasaway
Harrison Gentry
Sara Gorham
James Gray
Kelly Hackbarth
Suzanne Hausner
Happy Hawn
Hawyward Family Foundation
Nancy Eccles and Homer
Thomas Heinrich
Alex Higgins
Marcia Hines
Jim and Nancy Holcolm
Alex Hughes
Sonia Huntsman
Heart of Gold,
Idaho Community Foundation
Idaho Mountain Real Estate
Carol Iwanaga
Sun Valley Company

John Alan Partners
Connie Johnson
Bernie and Michele Johnson
Susan Johnson
Jerry and Debbie Johnson
Susan and Ronald, Koharkski Trust
Jean Latham
Sheila Liermann

Stuff the Bus,
Locally Owned Radio LLC
Jan Lowen
Fern MacKenzie
Luanne Mandeville
Marketron Broadcasting Solutions
Claudia McCain
Angenie McClearly
Jim McLaughlin
McStay Construction
Judith Millazzo
Monge Realty and Investment
Kathy Morrell
Mary Ellen O’Leary
Sandra Ovard
Holger Peller
Sue, Mark and Sean Peterson
Jim Plomasen
Nick and Sharon Purdy
Leonard Purdy
John Rade
Rayborn Property
Stephanie Reed
Vicky Reidel, Family Trust
Marc Reinemann
Eric Remais

Margaret Rudigoz
H. Leidy Samson TTE,
Samson 1991 Recovable Trust
Robert and Lori Sarchett
Babara Sawaicz
Seagraves Family Foundation, Inc
Patricia Smallwood
Jon Spence Electric
Julia and David Stevens
Clarence and Tona Stillwill,
Stratton P Laggis, Attorney at Law
Sun Valley Title Company
Jean Tagliapietra
The Upholsterer Inc
Toy Run Fundd
Valley Maintenance and Restoration
Paul and Kay Webster
Pam and John Wells
Katherine Wessel
Louise Wilson Noyes
Mary and Brad Wirth
WOW Students
Wood River Foundation
BC Young
Atkinson’s Market
Silver Creek Seed Company
Cummins Family Produce


Alondra Arevalo
Ulysses J Mittelstadt, SGT NGID
Shari Avery
Tona Backman-Stillwill
Andrian Baeza
John Baker
Wendy Barkels
Lynne Barnes
Hailey Barnes
Janine Bear
Becky Becky
Leslie Benz
Sara Berman
Blaine County Schools District Office
Teresa Brett
Brian Bourgette
Diane Campbell
Julie Carney
Pita Chavez
Silvia Chavez
Robin Christensen
Carol Comtaruk
Evelyn Cortez
Marco Cortez
Rick Davis
Martha Deffe
Rebecca Bornhoft Duncan
Angelica Egoavil
Emily Engelhardt
Cathy Erwin
Siouxze Essence
DL Evans Bank Crew
Amy Federko
Nancy Ferries
Diana Flood
Isaura Flores

Kara Florinca
Andrea Foss
Maria Franco
Pam Franco
Gay Fruehling
Marie Gallo
Enrique Garcia
Nancy Gervais
Kim Gittins
Naomi Goldberg
Morey Golden
Rosalba Gonzalez
Felix Gonzalez
Carla Gonzalez
Liz Gonzalez
Mary Gonzalez
Carolyn Gruver
Evan Guerrero
Leslie Gushwa
Laura Gvordas
Toni Hattula
Monica Hebert
Gail Henry
Jim Holcolm
Rebecca Hornbach
Karin Horvath
Lisa Hoskins
Monica Hurtado
Lisa Jenner
Wendy Jones
Dave Kassner
Kathy Kerrick
Lisa Landon
Bart Lassman
Suzi Lee
Teresa Lipman

Hilda Lopez
Yessenia Lopez
Becky Lopez
Gaby Lopez
Jane Lopez
Kristi Lynch
Jessica MacDonald
Alex MacDonald
Becky Madrigal
Mirella Marroguin
Evelyn Martinez
Amy Marx
Shasta Mayhew
Randi McEntee
Carrie Mellen
Laura Mendoza
Katty Mitma
Cristina Montes
Kathy Morell
Judy Morgan
Jhes Morrison
Kate Nichols
Christel Nicholson
Louise Noyes
Cyndi Ochoa
Chet Olson
Amanda Ornellas
Milagros Ortega
Daren Pannell
Carolyn Parker
Rocio Patlan
Maureen Patterson
Mary Peterson
Jovita Pina
Sue Radford
Elaine Redman

Andrea Roach
Blanca Romero
Lizbeth Ruiz
Sergio Ruiz
Juan Salamanca
Gavy Saltos
Duftan Sandoz
Maria Santos
Robin Sarchett
Scott Scarbrough
Gayle Selisch
Mary Sfingi
Patty Smallwood
Stacey Smith
Lisa Steick
Evan Stelma
Kevin Stilling
Karen Tackett
Jean Tagliapietra
Marie Tanner
Kaz Thea
Ana Torres
Nathan Twichell
Debra Vadalma
Maria Vega-Romera
Vickie Walker
Suzanne Walsh
Eleanor Ward
Camille Watson
Doris Weiler
Sharon Williams
Jenn Wolter
Robin Yeager
Wendy Young Ruiz

Please forgive us if we failed to include you…We try hard, but we’re only human!

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s hard work and donations to make this program a huge success
for our local families in need during the Holidays. Thank you very much!